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Open Your Freezer & Look Younger...Here's How!

Open your freezer and look younger...say what?!

Don't adjust your monitor, you read that correctly! According to Well+Good, Collagen has jumped to "It-ingredient" status this year. Why? Because of this fibrous protein's amazing ability to give us glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails and healthy digestion. It actually makes up about 75% of our skin's composition!

Top Kids Food Trends for 2017

According to the National Restaurant Association, chefs are incorporating these 7 food trends into their menus this year. The goal? Attracting the loyal palates of kids, the next generation of foodies!

Aphrodisiac Recipes to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

Ok, so yes...those buttercream cupcakes, hot pink peeps and little pastel candy hearts are just adorable and sure to melt your heart on February 14.  But why not nibble on something that will make you feel special and romantic this Valentine's Day?

Make Your New Year Extra Lucky with These 10 Foods!

Good luck is a concept that has been celebrated for centuries. Each new year, cultures around the world prepare their favorite traditional recipes to symbolically create more luck for the year to come.

Heavenly Christmas Roasts You've Got to Try!

Christmas is only a few weeks away (can you believe it!) Have you planned your menu for Christmas dinner yet? What holiday meal would be complete without a sumptuous, flavorful & juicy Certified Angus Beef Pork or Lamb roast as its centerpiece!

Frighteningly Delicious Halloween Recipes!

What's the scariest thing about Halloween weekend? A visit from Michael Myers aside, we'd say it's forgetting to plan your party menu!

Eat Like an Olympic Athlete with the Foods in Your Freezer!


Flip through your channels over the next few weeks and you'll see lots of coverage of the 2016 Rio Olympic games. Lean, mean athletic machines will be back-flipping on balance beams, spiking volley balls across courts and swimming around pools in perfect synchronization. (Yep, we can do that too!)  

5 International Food Trends to Embrace this Summer

Is your family ultra-trendy? Always keeping up with the latest and greatest of...everything? How about in the kitchen?

Picnic Five Star Style with 7 Certified Angus Beef Finger Food Recipes

Warm weather has arrived! It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy longer days, mild temperatures and al fresco meals with the ones you love. 

Test Your Nutritional IQ!

So you think you're a pretty health-savvy person, but how much do you really know about nutrition? Test your knowledge with this short quiz, courtesy of Business Woman Magazine. You may just learn (or un-learn) something new! (Answers below.)