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Home food delivery for counties in PA, NJ, DE and MD.

Say Goodbye To The After-Work Dinner Rush

Get Healthy, All-Natural Food Delivered Right To You

How does mealtime happen in your family?

Does it start with long supermarket lines after a tiring workday, continue with the relentless unpacking of groceries at home and end with a barrage of differing food requests?

Five Star Home Foods removes the hassle from dinner prep by delivering the foods you love directly to your freezer. Our individually packaged portions give you the flexibility you crave to create healthy, unique meals for the entire family.

How Our Home Food Delivery Works

How It Works

Sample Pack

1. Request a free sample pack of Five Star Home Foods featuring all-natural beef, chicken and pork as well as organic vegetables.

Culinary Consultant

2. Schedule a personalized session with a Culinary Consultant to create a comprehensive menu that combines your family’s favorite foods with fresh flavors.

Select the foods

3. Select the foods that best fit your family based on personal preferences and dietary restrictions, and confirm your order. Expect your first healthy food delivery to arrive within 2-3 weeks.

your first order

4. Your delivery specialist arrives with your first order, reorganizes your freezer and packs your new, healthy food choices. Your existing stock is rotated, and your freezer is reorganized with each new food delivery.

Chef Dan

5. Get meal-planning tips and original recipes from Chef Dan, and open your newly stocked freezer with a refreshed attitude toward home cooking.

How Much Our Food Delivery Service Costs

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For two adults or two adults with a young child

For two adults or two adults with a young child

$65 - $75
For two adults and up to two children under 12

For two adults and up to two children under 12

$75 - $85
For three adults or two adults and two children over 12

For three adults or two adults and two children over 12

$85 - $95
For four adults or more

For four adults or more

$95 - $120

In Your Neighborhood: Where We Deliver

Five Star Home Foods provides local grocery delivery to customers living in PA, NJ, DE and MD, within about a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia. Customers who fall outside of our delivery area within the continental USA should contact us about coming to your neighborhood.

Arrange Dinner Around Healthy, All-Natural Food Delivery

When you buy the right foods from the right source, healthy eating is not only possible – it’s simple. Take the first step toward affordable healthy eating by requesting your free sample pack.

  TASTE THE FLAVOR: Request Your Free Sample Pack Of Five Star's All-Natural  Meats, Poultry And Organic Vegetables Try My Free Sample Pack  
Five Star provides an awesome service, and our entire experience has been great. Our Culinary Consultant could not be any more polite, professional, knowledgeable, honest and friendly. We consider him part of our family! Scheduling our delivery was easy and convenient, and the delivery technicians did a wonderful job of packing and organizing our freezer. Thanks to the entire Five Star team for your exceptional, hard work.
Richard and Trina Parker, Allentown, PA
I finally tried the food from Five Star Home Foods after my sister had been a customer for over a year. We received the food and absolutely love it. The quality is awesome and the flavor of the meat is top shelf. Everything we ordered has been great. The driver who delivered the freezer was professional and polite. He explained how to handle the food from freezer to frying pan. I will recommend them to all my friends.
Kurt Axt, Philadelphia, PA