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9 Easy Recipes You Can Prepare In 29 Minutes
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Food Products

Choose from nearly 300 different products, with new products arriving monthly! Our products consist of Certified Angus Beef™, all-natural poultry, Midwestern pork, wild-caught fish, organic vegetables and juices, gourmet pastas, and even breakfast and dessert items.

When ordering, choose whether you would like raw foods, marinated foods, prepared foods, or a combination of all three. Your Culinary Consultant helps you plan nutritional meals with your time constraints in mind. With a variety of prepared and unprepared foods you are ready for nearly any occasion. Late night at the office? Enjoy a pre-marinated or prepared convenience entrée to cut down on prep time, without sacrificing the quality of your meal!

With so much to choose from, you'll never have to ask yourself what's for dinner again. Having Five Star Home Foods gives you the opportunity to have a fine dining take-out menu for your own home, minus the tip! You'll have an abundance of gourmet groceries right at your fingertips each and every day.

Would you like to sample our products? Contact us online or at 1-800-246-5405 to receive a complimentary sample pack, complete with all natural meats, poultry, and organic vegetables.

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