Choosing The Right Home Food Delivery Service For You

Posted on October 9 2015

Convenience, Price, and Quality Should Be Considered When Choosing A Home Food Delivery Service


Grocery shopping is rarely a convenient experience.

Writing your grocery list on the fly, discovering that mealtime essentials are out of stock and standing in long checkout lines is no way to end a workday.

With so many home food delivery options popping up in your area, stocking up on meal essentials is easier than ever.

But, do you have the criteria you need to select a home food delivery service option that adds convenience and variety to meal preparation?

Below are some factors to use when comparing services.

Where Do You Shop For Certified Angus Beef®?


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In the old days, there were three main choices for beef: Prime, Choice and Select. But when the category of Choice was expanded to include a wider range of beef, the quality of Choice steaks became varied and unreliable.

So, Certified Angus Beef® was added as a category above Prime for a more refined flavor selection. In fact, only 6 out of 100 cows even qualify for Certified Angus Beef® distinction.

Certified Angus Beef® is the perfect steak for any occasion, but its availability in the home food delivery service realm is rare.

Aged Meats Are Simply Better, But Why?


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Supermarkets typically age meets from 1-2 weeks, while other suppliers age meats from 4-6 weeks. A lengthier aging period is usually preferred.

The three main advantages to aging meats include:

  1. Flavor: The natural juices permeate the meat for a more flavorful experience.

  2. Tenderness: The natural enzymes break down fibers for a tender cut of beef.

  3. Less Shrinkage: More mature beef means less shrinkage during cooking.

Meats that are aged properly taste better and give you more for your money.

Frozen Food Delivery: The Freshness Factor


Frozen meats can’t be fresh, right? Actually, when they are flash-frozen, these meats are as fresh as they were the day they were processed.

Home freezers are designed to keep foods frozen rather than do the freezing. This means raw or room-temperature foods slowly lose essential nutrients and juices as they freeze.

Flash-freezing foods, on the other hand, locks in and preserves those vitamin-rich, natural juices and nutrients for a better dining experience.

Learn more about the science behind flash-freezing

Ditch The Price-Per-Pound Model


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When you visit the grocery store, you’ll notice various meat specials offered on the price-per-pound model. While most grocery stores do their best, what they fail to tell you about this model is that the weight usually includes more bone, fat and water weight than edible meat.

By switching to a price-per-meal model from a reputable home food delivery service that ages, trims and individually wraps its meats, you get more edible food for your money. Plus, you gain the convenience of never having to trim your own meats.

Home Food Delivery: The Trick To Staying On Budget


How much are you currently spending on chicken, steak, pork, vegetables and juices at the supermarket?

Some food delivery services are designed to supplement your current grocery shopping and actually inflate your current costs, while other services seek to mirror or even cut those costs with convenience.

For example, how much food is wasted when you buy or cook in bulk? By choosing a home food delivery service that individually wraps its meats, you cook only what you need while the rest stays fresh and ready for later.

The factors above are just a few things to consider when comparing home food delivery services. Of course, the final factors are the food itself and the service.

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