Portion Control Trouble? 5 Ways Home Food Delivery Can Help

Posted on December 16 2015

FiveStar13.jpgTo get portion control under control, consider limiting your trips to the supermarket and have food delivered to your home in healthfully pre-packaged portions.

Here are five ways home food delivery can get you out of portion control troubles.

1) Home Food Delivery Fights Against A Culture Of Overeating

The culture of supersized meals so common throughout U.S. eateries has sparked a conversation about portion control and healthy eating. Compare the sizes of meals and beverages in U.S. restaurants to those in Europe and Asia, for instance, and you’ll see a significant difference in proportions.

Given the outsized meal portions many Americans are accustomed to, along with a “waste not want not” mentality that encourages us to eat everything on our plates, it’s no surprise that more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese

When you get your meals from a home food delivery service, every item is pre-packed in individually sized portions. Be assured that nothing is “jumbo” or “supersized” to contribute to an unhealthy eating pattern.

2) Home Food Delivery Beats The Big Boxes

Bulk retailers like Sam’s Club, Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club are convenient and affordable, but for people focused on portion control and healthy eating, shopping at these stores can do damage. Think about it: Do you really need to buy a 20-count flat of boxed macaroni and cheese?

Moreover, buying frozen foods in bulk, such as a 10-pound bag of chicken tenders, might yield some cost savings, but when meal time comes it’s easy to eat more than the suggested serving size.

If your frozen foods were stored in individually portioned packets, as they are with a good home food delivery service, overeating never happens by accident.

3) Home Food Delivery Promotes Meal Planning

Poor planning results in take-out or on-the-go dining. When you eat under time constraints, you reach for what’s available, and what’s available isn’t always a healthy or portion-controlled option.

With meal planning, you focus on what's necessary, and use simple, delicious, healthy recipes to guide your dining. When you plan, you give yourself the opportunity to include the foods that make you feel full – especially vegetables, including spinach, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, broccoli.

Plus, when you plan weeks or months in advance, you consider everybody’s favorite foods and make sure they’re included in the plan. That way, if you had Thai on your mind that week, you know it’s available at home, and that the recipe you chose is one of healthy proportions.

4) Home Food Delivery Keeps You In The Goldilocks Zone

Goldilocks had to try one bed too small and another too big before she found one just right. Home food delivery services help you with “just right” portion control.

When you’re cooking meals at home with store-bought ingredients, you often wind up cooking more than you need for one meal. Depending on your situation, these leftovers could meet a number of fates. If enough food is left over, it could become tomorrow’s lunch. This is ideal. But frequently, leftovers just sit in the fridge uneaten or get thrown away.

Another common problem with leftovers is when there’s not quite enough to make a full meal for the next day, so you eat what’s left now so it doesn’t go to waste.

Of course, wasting food is bad, but so is overeating! When you use a home food delivery service, you can be assured you’ll have solid portion control so that you don’t overeat and nothing goes to waste.

5) Home Food Delivery Curbs Needless Impulse Buying

When you’re spending hours a week at the supermarket, it’s easy to get lured by attractive packing or enticed by a good deal on something not originally on your shopping list.

You might really be interested in tasting a new flavor of Doritos, but how often do you open the bag to have a taste, only to eat through most of it in one session?

When you rely on a home food delivery service for the bulk of your meals, trips to the supermarket are minimized, and so are opportunities to make unhealthy impulse purchases that aren’t in line with a portion-controlled diet.

If you’re serious about portion control, consider all the healthy options available through home food delivery services.

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