2017 Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

10 No-Fail Healthy Living Gifts This Holiday Season

2017 holiday gift guide.pngLooking for a gift for your fitness-loving friend or family member? We’ve got you covered! Here are our top picks for athletes who love CrossFit, yoga, bodybuilding, Barre, hiking, biking, contact sports and the list goes on and on!.

Hidrate-Spark-2-features.jpg1. Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle
This smart water bottle reminds you to drink more water and even celebrate when you’ve met your daily goal! A sensor inside the bottle automatically records how much you drink and even syncs to apps on both the iPhone and Android. It integrates with fitness trackers including Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, and Under Armour Record. There’s no charging required, the Hidrate Spark comes with a long lasting replaceable battery, so you don’t need to remember to plug it in every night!.
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yoga-towel.jpg2. YogaRat’s Yoga Towel
Any friend who frequently goes to yoga would be thrilled to get this yoga mat/towel! Mat-length towels rest on top of the mat to help soak up perspiration so the user won’t slip or slide while they practice. It’s unique texture helps to provide grip while still providing a comfortable soft touch during a yoga session. All mats are machine washable too which is really convenient since most yoga mats can’t be washed.
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carico-juice-master-professional-669795-edited.jpg3. Carico “Juice Master” Stainless Steel Juicer
This is a perfect gift for the fruit and veggie lover! Juicing offers many health benefits and allows you to absorb nutrients that are naturally found in fruits and vegetables to help boost the immune system. Most juices found in the grocery store are processed, loaded with added sugar, and lack nutritional value. By choosing to juice at home with fresh fruits and vegetables, users will have a more nutritious product bursting with vitamins and minerals.
Bonus: This juicer is part of the Five Star Home Foods rewards program.
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Mens-Winter-2018-Logbook.png4. Gym Gypsy Journal
If you’re buying a present for a fellow gym rat, chances are they will LOVE this gym journal. This allows users to keep track of their diets and workouts in one comprehensive place. Journal includes a section for their monthly goals, to-do’s, appointments, and more importantly features a training section to record their workouts, sleep, fatigue, stress, soreness, motivation and nutrition! It also has inspirational sayings to keep them motivated all year long! Designs are available for both men and women.
View journals here.

handmade-headbands-etsy.jpg5. Sport Headbands
Popular in the CrossFit and bodybuilding community, headbands have taken off as the stylish way to keep your hair and sweat off your face, like these handmade ones from BandItUpBoutique on Etsy. Available in many different colors and designs, any gym lover or sports player would be thrilled to show these off at their next practice! They would make a great stocking stuffer for the athlete in your home!
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meal-prep-book.jpg6. Healthy Living Cookbooks
A cookbook focused on meal-prepping, clean eating or the ketogenic diet would be great for your fitness pal. This will give them plenty of ideas to eat healthy all year long! Look around your local Barnes and Noble or do some research on Amazon to pick out a cookbook that fits your friend’s tastes and diet preferences.
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belle-and-bell-shirt.jpg7. Belle and Bell Fitness Apparel
Belle and Bell is a is an inspirational athletic clothing line for women that can be worn in or out of the gym. The stylish clothing allows women to feel confident about their beauty and fitness, while expressing themselves in a fun and sassy way. With tons of different gym quotes to choose from, these shirts will be a sure favorite this holiday season!
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jabra-sport-mens-headphones.jpg8. Jabra Coach Bluetooth Headphones
No one likes to be all wrapped up in headphones when they’re trying to workout! Wireless headphones give you the freedom to move around freely while still listening to your favorite songs. Once your friend has experienced the difference between a workout with the old headphones and these new bluetooth headphones, they’ll never look back!
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9. Ruffwear Dog Hiking Backpack
Does your fitness friend enjoy the outdoors with a little help from a four legged friend? If so, the dog hiking backpack is perfect for them! The Approach Pack is comfortable and allows dogs to carry trail necessities, great for day hikes and overnight adventures. It’s also great for hiking, running, biking, or a fun day at the park playing frisbee golf!
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vita-craft-cookware.jpg10. Vita Craft Ultra Healthy Cooking System
Did you know you can actually cook without water, grease, oil, or butter? The Vita Craft Ultra Healthy Cooking System is a waterless/greaseless cooking system, providing a more healthy way to cook vegetables and meats. Any clean-eating individual would go nuts for this!
Bonus: This cookware is part of the Five Star Home Foods rewards program.
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Do you know of another product that you think a health enthusiast would love? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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