5 Essential Tools For Your At-Home Kitchen

Everyone’s kitchen at one point or another has been an amalgamation of hand-me-downs, thrift finds, or mismatched pots and pans. Curating a seamless collection of kitchen gadgets and tools that are not only timeless but will also make culinary adventures more efficient can be a simple process by following these basic guidelines.

Aluminum Baking Sheet- Aluminum pans are readily available in most stores, and are truly one of the best metals for evenly conducting and dispersing heat throughout the pan. They are lightweight, making them the perfect addition to a growing kitchen, sturdy, durable, and even resist warping through years of usage. They’re great for roasting vegetables, making chicken, and baking cookies. Such versatility!

Cast Iron Skillet- A simple piece that proves to be a timeless classic with easy upkeep, the cast iron skillet is a heavy hitter (quite literally) when it comes to kitchen essentials. Sautéing and searing proteins on the stovetop can easily transition to high oven temperatures to create perfectly juicy and tender dinners. The cast-iron skillet also adds iron to your diet every time you cook with it, which is a huge plus since many people suffer from iron deficiencies and don’t even realize it. With proper care, the cast iron skillet is an inexpensive, non-stick tool that will be used for generations.

Large Sauce Pot- While there is a medley of sizes to choose from, not much can compete with a large saucepot. It is a vital tool to throw together dishes such as pasta, stews, mashed potatoes, and soups. No need to worry about overdoing portion sizes either- who said leftovers were a bad thing? Store remnants in the fridge, or freeze to keep on-hand for future meals. A large pot will quickly become a staple in your kitchen, we promise! 

Quality Knives- All most kitchens need are three knives- the chef’s knife, the paring knife, and the serrated knife. A great knife can make all the difference in preparing meals. While they can be more of an investment item, it is worth the splurge both for quality and safety. A chef’s knife will be your best friend when it comes to chopping vegetables or meats. A paring knife is perfect for smaller tasks like

Cutting Board- A good cutting board will protect your fingers and countertops during all your meal prep work. It’s ideal to have multiple cutting boards in different sizes so that you can assign them to different purposes, like fruit and vegetables, cooked meats, and raw proteins. Anyone who’s chopped garlic or onions knows how those flavors cling to practically any surface, but if you have a cutting board specifically designated for the task, you won’t have to worry that your fruit or bread will unintentionally acquire a garlicky aftertaste. The same goes for raw and cooked proteins- once you have designated boards for designated tasks, you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination. We prefer bamboo or plastic cutting boards, which are easy to clean and dishwasher safe- what a win!

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