Five Star Replaces Thousands of Dollars Worth of Food for Local Families

Over 100,000 people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania reported a power outage from the damaging snow storms in March, 2018. Five Star Home Foods stepped up and replaced thousands of dollars worth of spoiled food for multiple customers who experienced a power outage from these storms.

Five Star Home Foods delivers a seasonal order of healthy, all-natural and organic food to customers living in PA, NJ, DE and MD, within a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia. To prevent families from tragically losing months worth of food due to an unavoidable event, the company came up with a generous freezer protection program that has helped hundreds of families over the years.

Customers are able to purchase a freezer from Five Star Home Foods that already includes the protection plan or they can purchase a protection plan on their current freezer. If their freezer were to break down due to mechanical failure or if they lost power to their home resulting in a food loss, Five Star will replace every item purchased from them.

customer-review-2“We put this program into place because we never want our customers to lose all of their food,” explained Bruce Holtzinger, Customer Service Manager, “Although the circumstances are always unfortunate, we’re happy to replace any item lost due to an outside power failure. It’s common to have power outages in this region due to snow and rain, so it’s one more way our customers can depend on us to take care of them.” In addition to the freezer protection plan, our customers can purchase a commercial freezer through us that is so well insulated that food will stay frozen several days, even when power is lost. This freezer was designed and built exclusively for the All-Natural Food Council of North America to properly preserve healthy, all-natural foods.

customer-review-1Five Star Home Foods’ customers who do not currently have a protection plan should speak with their culinary consultant to learn how they can protect their food during tragic events like this. The protection plan has plenty of benefits including:

  • 10 years service at no charge for parts and labor
  • 15% initial discount off their food or 10% upgrade discount
  • Food loss replacement if your freezer breaks down or if there’s a documented outside power outage
  • Coverage will stay in effect at no additional charge for all active customers who purchased a protection plan and continue to order food after the 10 year initial coverage period

To learn more about the convenience and health benefits of Five Star Home Foods, request your free sample pack today.
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