Home Food Delivery Service Vs. Grocery Stores: What’s Best?

“Grocery Store Be Gone!”

Those are the words many modern families dream of uttering. According to the Consumer Reports 2015 Supermarket Survey, about 28% of subscribers said they had actually “fired” a nearby grocery store due to issues like long lines, cleanliness concerns, limited product selection, confusing store layout, lack of open checkouts and terrible food quality.

Over 62,000 shoppers shared more than 111,000 different experiences, and more than half of them had at least one supermarket complaint. Eek!

If you’ve found yourself in a similar boat, you might be wondering if there is an alternative? A light at the end of the checkout line? A possible reduction of your grocery store woes? Well, there just so happens to be.

Have you ever considered Five Star grocery delivery?

Imagine taking the same shopping dollars that you would otherwise spend at the grocery store, and instead, using them to plan a completely customized order of high quality foods that are delivered right to your door. You love portion-controlled meats? Done! Prefer your beef and chicken to be free of added artificial hormones? So do we! Hate vacuum sealing your own foods? We’ll do it for you!

We have a menu of over 300 delicious options including Certified Angus Beef, natural poultry, wild caught seafood and organic veggies, fruits and juices. And the best part is you don’t have to set foot in a grocery store to get them!

So if you’ve been dreaming about a better way to grocery shop, let us show you how Five Star can help!


Have you ever considered an option like home delivery before? What made you want to switch from the grocery store? Were you disappointed with the food quality? Was it Nascar in the parking lot?

Tell us your stories!

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