How Does Home Food Delivery Compare To Supermarket Shopping?

When you’re enjoying a meal, do you ever wonder about the journey it took to arrive on your plate?
While supermarkets do their best to receive and store food properly, some aspects of storing food safely are beyond their control.

The fact is food travels from thousands of miles away before we even see it in the grocery store.

Throughout this journey, your food sits – sometimes at room temperature. When food sits at this temperature for any period of time, its quality, flavor and nutritional value are significantly impacted.

Just How Fresh Is Supermarket Fresh?

“Fresh” food at your grocery store has sometimes been sitting for days, weeks or months before arriving on shelves, where it sits again before making it into your pantry or your refrigerator.

The excessive handling that food undergoes before it reaches the supermarket damages the food’s integrity, which continues to be compromised at the store. For example, after your food reaches its destination, it sits in loading docks or open display cases where temperature variations further degrade the quality.

The actual farm-to-table journey for foods in your supermarket looks something like this:

What’s worse: In addition to diminishing the quality and taste of your food, this multi-step food handling process passes additional costs onto you.

So, in a way, you end up paying double for bad food.

Proper Food Storage: There’s No Revival Trick For Bad Food

Maintaining consistent, safe food temperatures in your refrigerator or freezer after taking food home helps to slow the growth of harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

But, you can’t undo what’s already been done.

The best route is eliminating the middlemen standing between you and all-natural, healthy food.

A Savory Alternative To Supermarket Shopping

Some home food delivery companies focus on eliminating the middlemen by working directly with food processors to minimize handling and the costs to their customers.

A shortened farm-to-table journey should look something like this:

The companies focused on convenience take home food delivery a step further.

Safer, Healthier Food Goes Beyond Packaging

Proper food packaging makes fresh food possible, but packaging alone doesn’t do the trick. Storing food safely has a lot to do with temperature. These days, there’s a superior standard to preserving nutritional value the way nature intended.

Aged meats and fresh-picked vegetables and fruit are flash-frozen at 50 degrees below zero, a temperature at which bacteria growth isn’t just slowed, but killed completely. These foods are wrapped using Cryovac packaging to sustain the food’s freshness for months inside your freezer. The meats are also trimmed and individually packaged for flexible use.

The delivery of frozen foods directly to your home not only eliminates a lot of the damaging temperature fluctuations found in normal food-handling situations, but also readies your food for flexible, healthy meal preparation.

If poor food handling is affecting the quality of your meals, it’s possible to create healthier ones through delivery.

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