How The McLean Family Eats Healthier and Saves Time With Five Star Home Foods

When we first met the McLean family, they were struggling to put a healthy dinner on the table every night due to their busy schedule. Both parents work full time and the two kids are involved in multiple activities each season, making it feel nearly impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting everything accomplished in the day. With Five Star’s help, Laurie and her family were able to cut back on their time spent grocery shopping and make family dinnertime possible, again!

“We are a busy family of four with entirely different tastes and dinnertime can be a challenge” explained Laurie, “I often found myself at work dreading the fact that I needed to stop at the grocery store on my way home to pick something up. This entire process exhausted me and, more often than not, the food from the supermarket was overpriced and less than fresh.” 

packaging-five-star-home-foodsBy eliminating the costly overhead expenses of the grocery store, Five Star is able to provide families like the McLean’s with high-quality all-natural food, while staying within their current food budget. The flash-frozen individually-wrapped packaging also allows Laurie to go from freezer to dinnertime in under 30 minutes, making her decision to stop for food on the way home from work less inviting. 

“Five Star Home Foods has solved our dinnertime dilemma by delivering high quality meat at a great value directly to our door. It comes vacuum-sealed in portion-controlled packaging that allows me to add spice according to each person’s preference” Laurie points out. “The best part is that I no longer need to make grocery runs during the week or take chances on whether or not the meat would be fresh and tasty because Five Star guarantees it.”

Learn more about Laurie’s experience on her blog, Life With a Side of the Unexpected

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