What Does “Flash Frozen” Mean? Is It Fresh?

wooly-mammoth-frozen.jpgHow To Keep Food Fresh Without Artificial Preservatives
Flash freezing your meat is a 100% natural way to preserve it.No, really.
Ever wonder how scientists were able to find a wooly mammoth from over 39,000 years ago with it’s hair and everything still intact? The animal was perfectly preserved from being frozen, airtight in the ice!

Incredible, right?
Much like that wooly mammoth, we’re able to flash freeze meat to keep it tasting as fresh as the day it was harvested!

… Alright, so the wooly mammoth being trapped in a frozen ice cap might have been a slightly different story than how we flash-freeze our meats, but you get the idea!

So what is flash-freezing?

Flash freezing is the process of freezing an item quickly at an extremely low temperature with cold, circulating air.

This preserves the food much differently than if you were to take chicken or ground beef from the grocery store and freeze it yourself.


Well, quite simply, your home freezer is not designed to freeze foods, it’s designed to keep frozen foods cold.

When you put unfrozen foods in your freezer, it takes hours to freeze them fully. During this lengthy time, ice crystals form between the fibers of your meat and actually “break” the fibers and force the nutritious juices right out of your meats.

So, when you thaw out your meats, you’ll actually see all the juices that have been forced out of them, and then you’ll end up throwing that out or washing it down the drain!


In contrast, when you flash freeze meats, they are frozen so quickly that the ice crystals don’t form between the fibers of your meats. When you thaw out flash frozen meats, you will keep all of the nutrients and juices inside the meat, instead of down the drain!

The air-tight packaging also makes a huge difference. All of Five Star’s meat is packaged in vacuum-sealed, airtight, transparent wrap to protect against freezer burn, dehydration and discoloration. In fact, we guarantee your foods will stay fresh for up to one year, or we’ll replace them, at no cost to you!

Below is a comparison between a frozen piece of chicken from the grocery store that was placed in a Ziploc bag, and a picture of Five Star’s all-natural chicken which have been flash frozen in their air tight packaging. As you can see, the store bought chicken shows signs of freezer burn with ice crystals inside the bag within a week of being in the freezer, but the Five Star chicken shows no signs of this.

sandwhich-bag-chicken.jpgStore Bought Chicken Frozen in a Ziploc Bag: 

five-star-chicken-packaging.jpegFive Star’s All Natural Chicken in Air Tight Packaging:
Flash-freezing maintains the food without the use of artificial preservatives. When you hear things like “fresh, never frozen,” doesn’t it make you wonder what they have to add to your meat to preserve it? (Check out what Men’s Health had to say about frozen foods!)

flash-freezing-vacuum-sealingNot only is this packaging important in keeping your food fresh, but it’s also very convenient. If you’re just cooking for one, you can simply cut off only the portions you need. If the kids want chicken but the parents are in the mood for steak, it’s easy to just make the portions you want.You no longer have to buy your meat in bulk from the grocery store and cook it all at once, or freeze the portions you didn’t make.

It’s convenient, it’s fresh and it’s all natural! Now, your family can enjoy healthy meats the way Mother Nature intended.

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