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Home Food Delivery in PA, NJ, DE, MD and OH.

Home Delivery Of The Foods You Love

Individually Packaged And Portioned For Convenient Cooking

Running late making dinner? Too many family members to feed, all with different dietary restrictions?

With over 300 different groceries – and new products arriving monthly – our frozen food delivery consists of prepared and unprepared foods to help you make nutritional meals based on time constraints.

Order raw foods, marinated foods, prepared foods or a combination of all three. Our Certified Angus Beef®, all-natural poultry, Midwestern pork, wild-caught fish, gourmet pastas, organic vegetables and juices, plus breakfast and dessert items make meal preparation easy.

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This is our first experience with a home food delivery service, and we couldn’t be happier. The quality of the meats is far superior to what you can find in the supermarket, and the service is exceptional.
Steven Haas and Nicole Esposito, Middletown, DE
We live near several nice restaurants and used to eat out a lot. Now, I feel like we’re eating better at home with Five Star’s delicious meal options! Having a stocked freezer full of quality food keeps us from spending extra time and money in the grocery store, where we’d normally buy more than we need.
David and Toni Guenther, Towson, MD