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Home food delivery for counties in PA, NJ, DE and MD.

How Our Home Food Delivery Works

Get Healthy, All-Natural Food Delivered Right To You

How It Works


Five Star Home Foods removes the hassle from dinner prep by delivering the foods you love directly to your freezer. Our individually packaged portions give you the flexibility you crave to create healthy, unique meals for the entire family.

Since we eliminate the middlemen and the supermarket markups, we're able to provide your family with high-quality, all-natural food for an affordable price. 

  • No Added Growth Hormones
  • No Steroids
  • No Artificial Preservatives

How It Works

1. Request a Free Chef's Sampler: Taste the difference in quality compared to your grocery store by sampling our all-natural beef, chicken and pork as well as organic vegetables in our Chef's Sampler.

2. Schedule a personalized session and choose your menu: Your Culinary Consultant meets with you to create a menu based on personal preferences and dietary restrictions.

3. Get it delivered to your freezer: Your delivery specialist arrives with your new order, rotates and reorganizes your existing stock, and packs away your new, healthy food choices for you. 

Pricing Plans


For two adults or two adults with a young child

$70 - $85 Weekly
For two adults and up to two children under 12

For two adults and up to two kids under 12

$85 - $95
For three adults or two adults and two children over 12

For three adults or two adults and two kids over 12

$95 - $110
For four adults or more

For four adults or more

$110 - $130

Where We Deliver

Five Star Home Foods provides local grocery delivery to customers living in PA, NJ, DE and MD,


Customers who fall outside of our delivery area within the continental USA should contact us about coming to your neighborhood.

A Healthy Alternative to Grocery Shopping

Since 1994 we’ve been delivering all-natural meats, preservative free poultry, Midwestern pork, wild caught fish, and organic fruits and vegetables to families so they can enjoy the convenience of having a gourmet grocery store in their freezer. With nearly 300 menu items to choose from, the dinner-time possibilities are endless.

  TASTE THE FLAVOR: Request Your Free Sample Pack Of Five Star's All-Natural  Meats, Poultry And Organic Vegetables Try My Free Sample Pack  
I have been with Five Star Home Foods for around 7 years. I have cooked with some amazing ingredients while on Food Network and Master Chef. Five Star Home Foods is completely comparable to the quality of foods I was cooking with. Where this company really is above anything else is the convenience, professionalism, customer care and service. This company is one worth trying.
Bill Joerger, Morgantown, PA
I finally tried the food from Five Star Home Foods after my sister had been a customer for over a year. We received the food and absolutely love it. The quality is awesome and the flavor of the meat is top shelf. Everything we ordered has been great. The driver who delivered the freezer was professional and polite. He explained how to handle the food from freezer to frying pan. I will recommend them to all my friends.
Kurt Axt, Philadelphia, PA