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The Path To Stress-Free Meal Planning

Starts With Five Star’s Home Food Delivery Service

When busy schedules collide with dinner time, the result can be unappetizing.

But, our easy-to-prepare, individually packaged selection of frozen foods takes the headache out of planning and preparing meals for your family.

With all-natural meats, wild-caught fish, organic vegetables and juices, whole grain breads and more, our healthy home food delivery service ensures that your freezer is always stocked with your next meal.

See how Five Star Home Foods stacks up against supermarkets and meal-kit delivery services, or view our pricing

Personalized meal planning

Personalized Meal Planning

Your Culinary Consultant combines dietary restrictions and healthy eating habits into a meal plan that satisfies everyone in your entire family – from the picky eaters to the serious foodies. Before your next all-natural, healthy home food delivery, revise your meal plan to add variety and adjust as needed. Sample the foods you've been meaning to try, and if you decide you don't like them, replace them with foods your family likes, free of charge.

Fresh Flavor Guarantee

Your Fresh Flavor Guarantee

After proper aging, Five Star meats are trimmed, portion-controlled and individually packaged. Meats are flash-frozen to sustain quality freshness. Each product is delivered to your freezer in vacuum-sealed, airtight, transparent wrap to protect against freezer burn, dehydration and discoloration.

Safeguard Seal Of Approval

A USDA office on-site and rigorous inspections ensure that your family enjoys the safest, freshest foods possible. All foods receive the Five Star Safeguard guarantee only after meeting or exceeding USDA regulations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Five Star Home Foods for your home food delivery service, you’re choosing a partner to do everything but the cooking. Five Star Home Foods guarantees your complete satisfaction with all of our foods.  We will exchange or issue credit for any product which does not meet with your complete satisfaction. Trust us to provide:

Food Loss Replacement

Food Loss Replacement

If your freezer breaks down – by mechanical failure or power outage – and you lose your food supply, our freezer warranty covers you, and we work with you to schedule a home food delivery replenishment.

Lifetime Discount

Lifetime Discount

Our Five Star rewards program gives you lifetime discounts on future food and appliance purchases. Savings often exceed the price of the qualifying purchase.

No-Charge Appliance Repairs

No-Charge Appliance Repairs

Starting from the purchase date, your freezer receives no-charge parts and labor coverage for 10 years regardless of where you live in the continental United States. If the parts exceed repair costs, we replace your entire freezer.

Lifetime Extended Protection

Lifetime Extended Freezer Protection

Once you try our foods and use our appliances to cook fresh, healthy meals, you won’t ever eat the same way again. As long as you continue to use Five Star Home Foods for your frozen food delivery and place at least one food order per year, your freezer warranty remains in effect at no charge.

Five Star Rewards

The more you buy, the more you save. Our rewards program turns food and appliance purchases into savings on future orders – for life! Being a member of the Five Star Rewards Program means receiving permanent savings as long as you’re a customer.
  • Bronze level rewards

    Receive 15% off after purchasing a commercial freezer or a protection plan on your existing freezer.

  • Silver level rewards

    Receive 25% off after purchasing an exclusive Five Star Kitchen Appliance.

  • Gold level rewards

    Receive 35% off after purchasing an additional appliance.

  • Platinum level rewards

    Receive 45% off after purchasing an additional appliance, plus up to 30% off selected appliances.

Tell your friends about us

Refer-A-Friend Program

If our home food delivery service works for you and your family, tell your friends about us. For every friend you refer to Five Star Home Foods, we’ll send you a $100 credit voucher. For every five referrals (with completed delivery), you’ll receive six months worth of free food, valued at over $1,800.

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The most delicious, tender meat you will find! We will not buy from anywhere else
Kate McCullen, Ardmore, PA
We have been a customer for over 20 years! We have gone from food for a family of 5, and now only 2 of us, but the quality of the food and the convenience keeps us coming back.
Lorrie Craley, Philadelphia, PA