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7 Traditional Irish Recipes and The History Behind Their Food

Saint Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on March 17th to celebrate the life of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. While Americans typically celebrate this day by making corned beef and cabbage and turning their beers green, neither of these things are actually something they do in Ireland! Contrary to popular belief, corned beef and cabbage is not from Ireland and the Irish would snarl at the thought of putting food dye in your beer. Instead, make one of these traditional Irish recipes and drink a pint of Guinness if that’s your thing.

Flavorful Meals Under 300 Calories Per Serving

The Only Thing Lacking From These Dishes Are The Calories!

Just because you’re trying to eat healthier doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to eat salads every night - ugh, how boring! These recipes have plenty of flavor, the only thing missing is the calories! All of these recipes are baked so there’s much less added fat in these recipes than their fried counterparts. Enough with the chit chat, dig in!

8 Healthy Eating Tips For When Your Kid's A Picky Eater

If you’re having trouble getting your children to eat healthy (or eat at all), you’re not alone. Many parents struggle to get their children to try new foods, and eventually get so frustrated with it that they throw in the towel and allow them to eat the same foods they’ve been eating. It can take children 10 to 15 tries before they will accept a new food, so don’t give up! Here are a few tips that might make your picky eater a little more open-minded.

6 Easy Stuffed Flank Steak Recipes

Whether you’re feelin’ fancy or just feelin’ hungry, these stuffed flank steak recipes are going to make you feel like a professional chef! Flank steak is great because it’s very versatile, tasty, and affordable, so you can create a chef quality meal for a good price!

We’re Now On MyFitnessPal!

It’s 8:30 pm and your stomach is growling, you reach for that tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and then pause… “should I really be eating this?”

You quickly track this meal in the MyFitnessPal App on your smartphone and realize this puts you 300 calories over your 2000 calorie limit for the day. You also realized that it doesn’t have a nutritional benefit, so you think, “I know I shouldn’t eat that!”

Instead you grab half a cup of greek yogurt, some pineapple and coconut flakes eat that instead.

Our Top 3 Favorite Cuts of Steak And How To Prepare Them Right

Does Your Favorite Steak Make The Cut?

At Five Star Home Foods, we know our customers have an exquisite taste for steak… probably because we only sell the best (looking at you, Certified Angus Beef.) So what are the top three that our customers rave about?

10 Things Your Freezer Can Be Used For Other Than Storing Frozen Food

Freezers Can Do Way More Than Keep Your Food and Ice Cold!

Freezers are one of the most used home appliances alongside a refrigerator, stove and a microwave. While most larger families need a second freezer just to keep enough food on hand, many smaller families and couples have been investing in freezers because it helps them save money in the long run.

9 Healthy Kids Lunchbox Ideas For a Quick, Well Balanced Meal

Kid-Approved Lunch Ideas for Busy Parents

Picture this: You’re walking down the dairy isle at the grocery store and your kid sees a strawberry yogurt with a few Minions on it.They start crying that they want this yogurt so you just grab a few and throw it in the cart.

Our Favorite Game Day Appetizers and Party Dishes

15 Savory Tailgating Dishes For Your Next Tailgate Party

For some people, game day food consists of deep fried wings, pizza and a few bottles of soda from your local pizza shop. This year, be the hero and make one of these game day appetizers instead!

10 Winning Philadelphia Eagles Themed Party Ideas

Green and Black Football Party Ideas For Game Day

Throwing or attending a party on Sunday for the big game? Make sure your food and house are just as spirited as you are with these creative green and black party ideas!