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How To Start Cooking Healthier

Looking to eat healthier? Here are 7 principles of healthy cooking help get you started...

The Best 6 Burger Recipes For National Burger Month!

In Honor of National Burger Month, we want to share these delicious Burger recipes with you to try out this month. Recipes of Taste Of Home.

Easy Easter Sunday Recipes

Easter Sunday is approaching and what are you going to make? Here are some impressive and simple food items to make your family this Easter!  

5 Reasons Why Flash Frozen Food Is Better

Keep Food Fresh Without Artificial Preservatives

Flash freezing your vegetables & meat is the only natural way to preserve your food. 

7 New Products - Plus We Brought Back a Five Star Favorite!

To kick off 2019, we just added 7 new products to our menu of nearly 300 food items! We hope everyone loves these new products as much as we do! We also brought back one of our most requested products that long-time Five Star customers rave about! 

We're hoping to continue adding new menu items throughout the year, so if you have any that you would particularly love to see on our menu, let us know

Five Star Gives Back By Donating Hundreds of Meals to Two Local Food Pantries

Five Star Home Foods decided to donate hundreds of meals to The Manna from Heaven Food Pantry at the Salvation Army of West Chester, Pennsylvania in December, 2018. The food pantry received boxes of Five Star Home Foods’ all-natural meats, poultry and seafood to help feed local families who were in need.

VIDEO: Defrost Flash-Frozen & Vacuum Sealed Meats in Minutes!

Five Star Home Food’s Fast Thawing Meats Make Dinnertime Quick & Easy

Our customers have been raving for years about how quick they can go from freezer to dinnertime in a half hour or less because of the fast thawing meats. So, we wanted to see for ourselves, how long does it actually take to thaw our all-natural chicken breast?

5 Quick and Easy Sheet Pan Meals

Sheet pan meals are so underrated. Not only do they make your clean up super easy, but you can actually serve the meal using that same dish! Just throw everything on to the pan and bake it; no stirring, frying, grilling or boiling required! Perfect for meal prepping or feeding an army.

How The McLean Family Eats Healthier and Saves Time With Five Star Home Foods

When we first met the McLean family, they were struggling to put a healthy dinner on the table every night due to their busy schedule. Both parents work full time and the two kids are involved in multiple activities each season, making it feel nearly impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting everything accomplished in the day. With Five Star's help, Laurie and her family were able to cut back on their time spent grocery shopping and make family dinnertime possible, again

Here's Where 40% of the Food Bought in the U.S. Goes...

In The Trash.

No, seriously… About 40% of the food bought in the U.S. is not eaten. [1]