4 Exciting Dishes to make with Ground Beef

We’re very proud of the excellent ground beef we deliver to your doorstep. We offer a great variety, and it’s all prime quality.

Whether you order our delicious 86% lean ground beef, our special mixture of beef, veal and pork, or our extraordinarily lean ground bison meat, you’ll be enjoying some of the best meat in the market.

So will it be Burgers or Tacos? Just kidding! We wouldn’t write a blog about the two dishes we always seem to default to when cooking with ground meats. And while both are great options, they certainly aren’t the only meals you can make.. Here are four exciting dishes to make with ground beef, perfect for both weeknights and memorable occasions.

1. Beef Queso
No one can resist a dippable melted mix of cheese with ground meat. Queso is the perfect creamy appetizer and snack, that your family will love.. To make an easy queso, sauté your meat with onions and garlic and add shredded Cheddar, American and mozzarella cheese over low heat.
Any melting cheese will do and adding a teaspoon of paprika will liven your gooey dish to unexpected heights. Enjoy it with flatbread or with tortilla chips.

2. Beef Stuffed Zucchini
Stuffing veggies is easier than you think, and the result always surpasses your expectations. Hollow out halved zucchini and fill them with cooked minced meat, peppers, cheese, and any other chopped vegetable you can imagine.
Remember to cover your stuffed zucchini well with more cheese and watch your creations bubble in the oven (how long). The flavors of beef blend seamlessly with the cheese and the freshness of zucchini in one well-rounded bite. You can use Pickles!

3. Beef Stir-fry
Don’t be intimidated by cooking Asian cuisine ; it’s quite easy to master. . First, Heat up a pan with oil and add our organic Chinese Stir-Fry Veggie Blend.
Once the veggies are tender throw in your ground meat and season with soy or teriyaki sauce, and stir often.  It’s that easy!

4. Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes
We Know that nothing can beat an authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, but these Sloppy Joes are a close second!
There’s lots of room for creativity in this recipe. First, make sure you season your ground meat well and cook it thoroughly with onions and green peppers before turning it into a sloppy mess with your favorite cheese. The only other thing you need is fine bread, or burger buns will do the trick!
The sloppier, the better, and with our high-quality ingredients , the flavor is guaranteed to please.

No Time to Cook? No problem!

We’re sure you found at least a few of the ideas above inspiring, but we understand there’s not always time to cook.

The good news? We deliver individually wrapped burger patties,  and our fan favorite gourmet steak burgers; which are nicely seasoned with onions and spices.

If you need a more elaborate dish, try our juicy and tender, ready-to-bake meatloaf made with 90% lean meat. It’s delightful!

So, the next time you bring the family together for an enjoyable dinner; we’ll take care of the meat.


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