How to Clean your Granite Countertop

Caring for Your Kitchen Worktop is Vital for a Long Lasting Surface

Caring for your kitchen worktops should be a priority for all chefs. Bacteria can be found in vast quantities on kitchen surfaces and can be transferred from hands, food and even water droplets. However, a good quality, well cared for granite worktop should be relatively invulnerable to bacteria making it one of the best surfaces to cook and prepare food on. What is the best approach to cleaning your granite surfaces?

Wipe After Each Use

When you receive your delivery of food, you should be able to put it directly on the work surface without worrying about contaminating the food. Do a daily wipe-down to ensure that there is no transference of bacteria from surfaces to food and vice versa. Grab a few of the following cleaning products and tools:

  • Warm water
  • Mild dish soap
  • Soft sponge
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spray bottle

The softer the cloth or sponge, the better for daily wipe downs. Fill your spray bottle with warm, soapy water to save time and wipe it down with a soft sponge. Buff the counter dry with a microfiber cloth or a soft dish cloth to keep it looking streak-free. Daily cleaning may seem time-consuming but will cut time for those on busy schedules by ensuring there is no build up of dirt and germs.

Spring Cleaning

Every now and then, you may see some build-up on your granite worktop. Microbial transfer from surface to fingers has been shown to be lower when the worktop is cleaned with a disinfectant wipe showing the need for a little more than dish soap from time to time. However, granite surfaces can be easily damaged by abrasive chemicals such as bleach or vinegar. So what should you use? A specific granite cleaner with a neutral pH is best for a deep clean.

Long-Term Maintenance

Your countertops should be resealed every six months or thereabouts to ensure that they last the test of time. Inadequate sealing allows bacteria to seep into the pores of the worktop which could transfer onto your freshly prepared food. Any hairline cracks or open pores in the granite will inevitably attract bacteria so check regularly to determine whether it needs to be resealed. To do this, drop some water on the surface. If it soaks into the stone, it is time to renew your worktop surface.

Granite surfaces are the best option to avoid contamination, so long as they are properly cleaned and maintained.

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