5 Not So Obvious Ways Home Food Delivery Is Saving You Money

Why Grocery Delivery is Becoming More Popular Every Year

Having your groceries delivered is becoming the new hip thing – why? Because it gives you time back in your day, eliminates the need to run around the grocery store, and it can actually save you money in ways you didn’t even realize!

Since Five Star Home Foods has been delivering all-natural meats and organic vegetables since 1994, we’ve heard plenty of ways our customers have been able to save money using our service. Here’s a few of the (not so obvious) ways they are able to save money:

1. Eliminating Impulse Shopping

Are you someone who goes into a store for a few items and leaves with a cart full of junk? That $2 excursion for a milk jug just turned into $20.

If this sounds like you, then cutting down on impulse shopping could be one of the biggest money-savers yet. It’s so much easier to avoid the impulse buys because you’re not smelling the fresh baked chocolate donuts, or walking by the snack aisle and giving in on temptation. You choose your food ahead of time, it gets delivered, and then it’s all in your freezer!

2. Saving on Gas & Wear and Tear of Your Car

How far is the grocery store from your house? Depending on where you live, it might take you some time to venture out to the grocery store. Cutting back on the amount of grocery store trips you take in a year can save you a lot of money!

3. Buying More Directly from the Farm

You would be surprised at the lengths that grocery stores go to make an extra buck. Since they sell their meat by weight, they’ve been known for adding water and salt to meat to “plump it up” so they make a greater profit. It’s easy to spot the meat with added water because the package contains a white absorbant pad under the chicken to help soak up some of the moisture that the chicken released.

When the salt and water is added it changes the genetic makeup of the chicken. But worst of all, the grocery stores still call this meat “all-natural” because they are using natural ingredients. When you choose Five Star’s Home Food Delivery, the meat is bought more directly from the farm and is completely All-Natural, so you’ll never have to deal with your meat being altered or paying extra money for added salt and water!

4. Eliminating the Middleman

We buy more directly from the farm, eliminating the overhead expense of the grocery stores and wholesale clubs, so we can deliver directly to you in quantity. This allows Five Star Home Foods to offer extremely high quality food for affordable prices.

Since meat only has a refrigerated shelf life of five days, grocery stores tend to throw out a lot of their meat. To make up for the losses, grocery store meat is often marked up at least 40% to 60%!

5. Staying Under Budget

It’s easy to know how much money your total purchase is going to be because, well, we tell you up-front! Five Star customers know what their food budget costs for 6 months at a time, so you won’t need to worry about price fluctuations each week, or even every month! No more jaw-dropping receipts in the checkout aisle.


Home Food Delivery might be getting more popular, but Five Star Home Foods has been in the game since 1994! Some of our customers have been here since the day we opened because they love the quality of our meat, the convenience of the delivery, and the ability to save money with our delivery service. Isn’t it time you made the smarter choice with your food dollars?

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