VIDEO: Defrost Flash-Frozen & Vacuum Sealed Meats in Minutes!

Five Star Home Food’s Fast Thawing Meats Make Dinnertime Quick & Easy

Our customers have been raving for years about how quick they can go from freezer to dinnertime in a half hour or less because of the fast thawing meats. So, we wanted to see for ourselves, how long does it actually take to thaw our all-natural chicken breast?

The days of having to thaw your meats for hours are finally over! You no longer have to plan out your dinner before you leave for work in the morning. Our flash-freezing process combined with our individually wrapped and vacuum sealed packaging captures the flavor, cuts out preservatives and helps meats thaw quickly!

Thawing times may vary depending on the thickness of the meat, but many of Five Star’s products can defrost in 5 to 10 minutes.

What is Flash-Freezing?

Flash freezing is the process of freezing an item quickly at an extremely low temperature with cold, circulating air. This preserves the food much differently than if you were to take fresh meats from the grocery store and freeze them in your own freezer to thaw and eat later. When you do this, your freezer takes hours to freeze your meats fully. During this lengthy time, ice crystals form between the fibers of your meat and actually “break” the fibers and force the nutritional juices right out of your meats.

In contrast, when you flash freeze meats, they are frozen so quickly that the ice crystals don’t form between the fibers of your meats. This keeps all of the nutrients and juices inside the meat unlike the alternative.

The result? Delicious food that may taste even fresher than the “fresh” food you’ve been buying from the grocery store – you know, the food that has been sitting on delivery trucks, being transported over state lines and then displayed on the shelf for days before you even buy it. Does it still sound fresh?

Take a more detailed look at our flash-freezing process or request a free Chef’s Sample Pack and test it for yourself!

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