Five Star Gives Back By Donating Hundreds of Meals to Two Local Food Pantries

Five Star Home Foods decided to donate hundreds of meals to The Manna from Heaven Food Pantry at the Salvation Army of West Chester, Pennsylvania in December, 2018. The food pantry received boxes of Five Star Home Foods’ all-natural meats, poultry and seafood to help feed local families who were in need.

However, Five Star wanted to do more than just donate, so they decided to film their experience and post in on their Facebook page in an effort to inspire others to do the same!

“Social media makes it easy to get a message out, so we wanted to encourage others to donate, too.” Explains Brian Holtzinger, Part Owner & VP of Marketing. “If we could get just one other family or business to donate because of our video, it was worth it.”

Five Star Home Foods decided to make a deal, if the video was shared 100 times, they would double their donation. Within 20 hours, the goal was hit!

“The best part was knowing we were getting the word out about donating and putting the idea in other people’s minds that they could donate, too” says David McClain, Five Star’s Branding and Marketing Manager. “If we kept quiet about it, we wouldn’t have been able to inspire others to donate, which was really our goal.”

After the goal was hit, some of the other employees at Five Star decided they wanted to get involved, too. They held a canned food drive in the office that they would be able to donate along with the frozen foods that Five Star already agreed to donate.

“It was really amazing to see our whole office bringing in food to donate. The pile just grew and grew!” Says Melanie Novak, Digital Marketing Manager. “It’s a really great feeling knowing we can all come together and accomplish something like this. It also brings attention to a growing problem in our communities. These food banks really need the help.”

On December 21, 2018 Five Star Home Foods made a second donation to the Mattie N. Dixon Community Cupboard in Ambler, PA. This donation weighed almost 400 pounds and included both frozen meat items as well as canned and boxed items.

Five Star Home Foods takes pride in giving back to the community and encourages all businesses to be socially aware by getting involved, too. For more information on where you can donate food in your local communities, click on the resources below.

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