7 New Products – Plus We Brought Back a Five Star Favorite!

To kick off 2019, we just added 7 new products to our menu of nearly 300 food items! We hope everyone loves these new products as much as we do! We also brought back one of our most requested products that long-time Five Star customers rave about!

We’re hoping to continue adding new menu items throughout the year, so if you have any that you would particularly love to see on our menu, let us know!

iStock-turkey-leg-quarters1. Chicken Leg Quarters
When you can’t decide if you want the drum or the thigh, you can have the best of both worlds! These chicken leg quarters are great to throw on the grill or roast in the oven with your favorite dry rub or sauce.

iStock-popcorn-bites2. Popcorn Chicken
These crunchy little bites of white meat chicken are going to be a crowd favorite! They’re fully cooked, so just heat in the oven and enjoy! Throw them in a bowl with your favorite wing sauce to make some delicious boneless wings any day of the week!

iStock-ground-pork3. Ground Pork
This 85% lean ground center cut pork loin has no spies or additives, so you can literally do whatever you want with it! Make lettuce wraps or add it to meatloaf – either way, you’re going to love it!

6-44. Ground Pork Sausage
This 80% lean ground center cut pork loin is pre-seasoned for your enjoyment with red pepper, sage, black pepper and a touch of sugar. Add it to a meat sauce for pasta or bring out your inner chef and make homemade pot stickers!

ravioli5. Beef Ravioli
Our cheese stuffed ravioli was so popular, we decided to add another choice to the mix! Try our brand new ravioli squares filled with tender beef!

iStock-hash-brown6. Hash Brown Patties
Picture this: It’s a Saturday. The Kids are still sleeping. You’re enjoying your morning coffee, making yourself some eggs when the oven timer goes off. Wah-lah! You now have crispy hash brown patties to enjoy with your eggs! The perfect way to start your day.

boston-pork-butt7. Boston Pork Butt
This Boston Butt is made from the pork shoulder and is perfect for smoking or slow roasting in the oven to make pulled pork or a tender pork roast. Available in both 40 oz. and 80 oz. roasts.

Chicken_Pot_PieBONUS: We brought back our chicken pot pie!
If you’ve been with us for awhile, you probably remember the good ol’ days filled with flaky Chicken Pot Pie. For a little while, we were unable to have these on our menu because of circumstances that were out of our control, but we recently got them back! WAHOO!
If you’re new to our service, welcome! We’re excited for you to try all of these delicious new products. We hope to continue adding more products, so keep your eyes peeled for new product alerts by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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