Kid Friendly Halloween Recipes to Make Your Party Extra Spooky

10 Creative Halloween Ideas for Party Entrees and Desserts

Halloween is always fun for children (and adults) to dress up and act like their favorite superhero, movie character, or idol, but did you ever consider dressing your food up?

With the convenience of having a freezer full of food to use any time, it’s even easier to create entrees that wow your guests. These 10 ideas will surely haunt your guests so they never forget your party!

halloween-burgers.jpg1. Halloween Burgers
Could these get any easier? Simply cut the cheese into the shape of a jack-o-lantern and place it over your Certified Angus BeefTM burgers. Such an easy way to jazz up your burgers! Thanks for the idea Red Ted Art.

stuffed-jack-o-lantern.jpg2. Stuffed Jack-O-Lantern
These festive stuffed jack-o-lanterns are perfect for a small gathering or family dinner. The best part about making stuffed peppers is that you can customize these to include your favorite protein! Choose from ground Certified Angus Beef, chicken, or turkey for a well-balanced dinner!
Get the recipe here.

spooky-shepards-pie.jpg3. Spooky Shepherd’s Pie
We’ve never seen such a cute shepherd’s pie before! These ghosts add the perfect halloween touch! So grab your Certified Angus Ground Beef, print out this recipe, and get cookin’!
Get the recipe here.

mummy-dogs.jpg4. Mummy Dogs
These mummy dogs are so easy! Simply slice the hot dogs in half and cut the crescent roll dough into thin strips. Then, just wrap them around the hot dogs and bake according to crescent package directions. Use ketchup or mustard for eyes and there you have it! Could it be any easier?
Get the recipe here.

spider-taco-ring.jpg5. Spider Taco Ring
With a beefy taco center and a flakey dough on the outside, this dish might be the first one devoured at the party! We love this idea because it’s customizable! You could even make it into a buffalo chicken or pizza crescent ring if you wanted!
Get the recipe here.

strawberry-ghosts.jpg6. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts
This is an easy dessert that the kids can even help with, but be warned, it can get a little messy! Simply dip the strawberries into Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating (or white chocolate) and add chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and you have a spooky halloween ghost that your party-goers will love!
Get the recipe here.

bread-coffin.jpg7. Bread Coffin Dip
This is such a cute idea to make your typical dip really stand out this halloween! Pick up a loaf of bread that hasn’t been cut yet. Cut open the top and remove some of the bread as seen in the picture, and place your dip in the “coffin”.
Shout out to So Wonderful So Marvelous for coming up with this great idea!

mummy-meatballs.jpg8. Mummy Meatballs
Want a creative way to serve meatballs at your party? This is it! Turn your Five Star meatballs into mummies! Not only are these adorable, but the crescent roll wrapped around the meat will be a yummy addition to your typical meatball!
Get the recipe here.

quesedillas.jpg9. Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas
Kids will love these jack-o-lantern quesadillas! The recipe just calls for refried beans, cheese, and tortillas, but we recommend taking it up a notch by adding salsa and chicken or steak. Either way you make them, these are sure to be a hit!
Get the recipe here.

frankenstein-monster-brownies-2.jpg10. Frankenstein Brownies
Now, these may look a little intricate, but we promise, they are easy! The green icing is actually mint flavored, but you can omit this and make them easier with green food dye and vanilla icing.
Get the recipe here.
Do you have a spooky halloween recipe that you want to share?

Leave us a comment below and we might feature you!

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